Today Reggiani is an international benchmark for the lighting sector, highly regarded for its ability to simplify complex technologies, making them easy to use, enhancing the livability of our environs illuminating them in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

Reggiani currently has its headquarters in Italy, with a subsidiary or agency in USA, UK, China, France and Russia, covering a total area of 110,000 m² dedicated to production, offices, showrooms and warehouses.

Many of Reggiani’s technological innovations have become international standards:

  • 1970s: Low Voltage, the first luminaire range for low voltage halogen lamps with dichroic reflectors in Europe
  • 1980s: Downspot, the first totally extractable, fully adjustable recessed luminaires that would set a new market standard
  • 1990s: the forward-thinking use of innovative, low-energy light sources and the fixing system designed for quick and easy installation;
  • 2005: the year of the IOS (Interchangeable Optical System), the first highly efficient, practical interchangeable optical system
  • 2009: development of the Reggiani LED Luce system. For the first time in history, lighting in a megastore was provided exclusively with LED light sources – and the designers chose Reggiani LED Luce 
  • Today: Reggiani is a pioneer in the evolution of LED technology thanks to its exceptional RE LED Luce system