The project for the Caruso Flagship Store meets the client brief to create an unconventional space in the Via Montenapoleone fashion district, Milan.

The concept is based on the idea of a theatrical setting. The store’s centrepiece is a mannequin standing in the wings, ready to take the stage; wooden frames on the sides reference early 20th century opera theatres. Through the curtain is Giuseppe Amato’s art installation that recreates the stalls and balconies of an opera house, including a miniature reproduction of the audience.

When you’re standing outside the store looking through the entrance, you already get the feel of the backstage of a theatre – in the centre is a large winch with ropes and pulleys running along the ceiling, ready to raise the curtain. Large frames along the walls reference the wings and granite columns from an old cloister have been preserved to make the period stage setting even more powerful.

Caruso’s elegant, thoughtfully displayed signature menswear is all around, together with the carefully designed decor, and the mannequin-testimonials that tell stories and showcase the fashion of different origins: Fefè from Naples, Pedro from Buenos Aires, Jean Baptiste from Paris.

Lastly, the light: deliberately theatrical and contrasting in the stage zone, where a skylight allows light to flood in during the day; softer in the other sales zones.

The choice of luminaires fell to products that could naturally blend into this space; many different versions of the Yori family of LED projectors are used in the backstage and in the other sales areas.

A decisive part in the choice was the uncompromising selection of the COB LED that can highlight the fine fabrics, as well as the large range of optics and filters, something that often features in the work of lighting designer Lorenzo Bruscaglioni.

The recessed Trybeca system in the fitting rooms ensures maximum visual comfort when using the space and when considering the clothes being tried.

For the store project, Luminae lighting design also created the centralised control system of all the luminaires adopted. The DMX signal was used for some theatre lighting fixtures in the store, and a converter for the Yori projectors with DALI technology and custom control boards for the other ON/OFF devices.

The theatre concept used in the store means the lighting design settings can change the scene, so raise the curtain and let the show begin.

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