In the halls dedicated to the civic costume and fashion collection, “Outfit ‘900” is an exhibition of truly stunning clothing, on show at the Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine. A selection of outfits from 1900 to the 1990s, showcasing all the style, the occasions, the choices and the personal stories of the most elegant ladies. Confirming its expertise in the field of museum lighting, Reggiani was called upon to develop and implement the lighting design for the entire exhibition.

Each dress has a story to tell, a special occasion to reflect. An occasion conveyed through photographs, accounts and the writings of the donors. Donors who generously shared not just objects, but their life memories. Alongside the clothes, images of the owners and the stories and special events they represent trace – through the experiences of mothers, daughters, grandmothers and grandchildren – the taste of an era, the 1900s, and of a city, Milan.

The exhibition is divided into two parts, day and evening, in view of the inevitable changes of register in outfit choice. The “day” section features wedding dresses, ceremony wear and outfits for special daytime events, while the “evening” section includes dresses for balls and “gala evenings”.

The exhibition is a rare chance to showcase a series of clothing, the majority previously unseen. The event also boasts a guest of honour: the Giorgio Armani dress worn by Glenn Close for the 1994 Oscars.

The lighting design was developed in collaboration with Elle Decor Italia, and plays its role in creating an engaging visitor experience.

The previous track-mounted system was employed to assess the possible use of 22W VARIOS LED projectors. To ensure perfect integration within the halls, both VARIOS versions were selected, FLAT and VERTICAL, reducing impact on the exhibition spaces, where ceiling heights are low (2.80 – 3.65 m). In collaboration with the curator Ms Ilaria Di Palma, the decision was made to use filters to reduce the illumination on some of the older, more delicate dresses, which required lower lux levels. The optics feature anti-glare honeycomb louvres, essential for maintaining optimum visual comfort, regardless of the position of the clothes displayed inside the halls.

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