Every story has a balance of light and shade. All brands have a story to tell and can tell it with light. At Reggiani we always have bright ideas to transform your space, and create great experiences for you.


Confirming our strong relationship with the retail world, we bring ‘Our bright new ideas’ – on the Düsseldorf stage of EuroShop 2017, the leading global trade fair for retailers and their partners. We celebrate the 50th anniversary of EuroShop with a tailored look and concept together with new product proposals. The creative concept designed together with our partner Dalziel & Pow starts from our mission to show how light can change experiences and spaces and engage our interlocutor into an open and constructive dialogue: Light + Shade, the effect of contrasted light and shadow to create a personal interaction between consumers and a product. While the light area shows how an environment can feel bright and alive, the shade area shows how light can elevate products creating a striking and emotional space.


To discover more come and see us at:


5-9 March 2017

Düsseldorf Messe

Hall 10; Booth A58



Yori Evo

Accent lighting with endless possibilities

The updated  Yori Evo lets you transform the spaces with light. Experiment with your light levels to create the aesthetics you want. Be subtle, be bold, be creative. This light is as flexible and creative as you are.



Yori Evo Ghostrack

Minimal lighting at its best

Simple, clean and invisible.When you need impact but subtlety in your scheme the Ghostrack blends seamlessly with your environment.



Yori Linear

A light that makes a space


Complement your accent lighting with soft , comfortable and diffuse illumination that transforms a space.Yori Linear fits seamlessly into your scheme with track, surface/pendant or recessed mounting.




Flexible, powerful, precise


Minimal design schemes need minimal lighting without compromising on performance.Unit is our cutting-edge solution, designed to be flexible, powerful and invisible.



Mood adjustable

Brilliant accent lighting


Creating areas of visual interest or enhancing the details of products can define a retail scheme.The mood adjustable gives you creative choice to enhance your ambient lighting.



Mood wall washer

Invisible variety


Create subtle, quiet illumination, or bold and textural displays, Mood is a flexible light for many environments, that can make an impact or bring vertical surfaces into focus, and can change the feel of an environment.



Mood fixed

Invisible variety



Comfortable and soft light for your spaces.You can select from a wide choices of discrete and performing solutions adding a touch of style with different finishes and sizes.




Advances in shaped light



When product has to be the hero the zoom and lightshaper is the solution.From soft accents to hard edged spots this light emphasises product shape,colour and texture.