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Noticias y tecnología

Yori Evo 48V - Pro

Yori Evo 48V System


Yori Pro is an exciting update to the Yori family, our most efficient, elegant and flexible projector. Yori Pro has incredible precison and performance optics and is available in two sizes: Ø35 and Ø43mm – it goes above and beyond in creating accent lighting.Evo 48V was developed to be used especially in showcases, shelves or display cases. It’s outstanding CRI >98 enhances colours authenticity and materiality, adding value to any sales item or art object and drawing viewer’s attention to it.

Especificaciones y ventajas

  • Sizes: Ø43mm and Ø60mm
  • From 4W to 17W
  • K: 2700, 3000, 4000
  • CRI: > 80, > 90
  • Control: On/Off , DALI, Dimm 1-10V, Dimmer on Board
  • Special finishes available
  • For low voltage tracks
  • Cluster configuration available
  • Precision and Performance optics
  • Wide range of accessories available
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Prueba de hilo incandescente 850 grados
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5 años de garantía
Riesgo fotobiológico 1
Magnetic fixing
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Blanco mate gofrado (Standard)
Negro mate gofrado (Standard)
Royal matt black
Royal matt white
Brushed brass
Brushed gold
Antiqued brushed bronze
Brushed aluminum
Brushed copper
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