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To search for luminaires select PRODUCTS and insert the reference, parts of the reference (e.g. D.30785.HQ26 or 30785.HQ) or the product name (e.g. yori, bisio); to search for tracks, mounting rails, accessories and optics select ACCESSORIES and insert the reference or parts of the reference (e.g. 0.35081.0000 or 35081).

Yori Evo system

The Yori Evo series extends the Yori family of projectors, and launches the Yori Evo Ghostrack. A new series of game changing track projectors. Mini or medium, visible or invisible. Single or cluster, lenses or reflectors . The optical technologies...

Yori Evo

The evolution of accent lighting

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L'Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique

The L’Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique is a flagship store that introduces an innovative design concept and shopping experience for the beauty product brand. The design incorporates contemporary interpretations of Provençal...

L’Occitane en Provence Experiential Boutique

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Unit offers flexibility for different lighting schemes in retail spaces. Trim or trimless, single, double, triple or continuous. Our recessed spotlight can be recessed, flush or drop, with 35° of adjustability, with unique mechanical features...


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(English) Cells: new recessed version

The range of outdoor fixtures Cells grows up with a new recessed version, offered in two variants: with the diffuser in position flush or drop. Cells, inspired by the cellular eye structure of a dragonfly, is available in a wide series of finishes...

Cells: new recessed version

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(English) Projects Lookbook

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