We Speak Light is inventive flair, but more to the point, it’s a no-nonsense, clear way of thinking and working. It’s an ability to continuously keep up with the challenge of innovation and technology, a “no frills” approach that focuses on the world of everyday things and effective, efficient solutions.

Beyond trends. We Speak Light is not just about trends. It’s the gift of seeing the big picture with regard to technological innovation. We Speak Light is having the courage of our convictions and embracing technology when the time is ripe, irrespective of all the hype.

Attention to detail. When they’re successful, details are not merely decorative, they play a key part in expressing the project concept. Attention to detail derives from straight thinking, and from the inspired use of technology.

Always tailored. Light is not “out there” – it must be designed. We Speak Light is all about maximising light by making the light sources, the shape and beam special: light pursues function. It’s not just about effective lighting, it must be tailored to heighten whatever is being lit.

Long-lasting products. We Speak Light seeks out a virtuous product cycle, drawing on the past to move forward; it is the ability to intelligently make the most of what already exists and find ways to improve on this.

High quality light. The essence of We Speak Light is high quality light – soft or hard as it may be, but always solid and crystal clear. We made a conscious decision to design and produce luminaires that emit high quality light, and to focus on obtaining the best balance between quantitative and qualitative performance.

The bond between architecture and the poetry of high-tech craftsmanship. We Speak Light is the desire to interact and join forces. It is the willingness to unite the forms, themes and power of contemporary architecture with the poetry of high-tech craftsmanship, creating a carefully balanced relationship within the design project.

If you think this manifesto is merely a marketing concept, then think again. This isn’t about money, it’s about a mindset.