Sverre Fehn graduated in architecture in 1949. After working with Jean Prouvé in Paris, in 1971 he started teaching at the faculty of Oslo. He has witnessed the historic events of European architecture since the second world war, and succeded in cohesively interpreting the building traditions of the Nordic countires, so respectful of nature, and in the wise use of building materials. Internationally well-known for the rigour and coherence of his professional and cultural commitment, Sverre Fehn has conducted his personal search on the humanistic and ethical foundations of building, starting out from a profound respect for nature and environment, and from a constant attention to the human dimension of living and inhabiting.

Together with Reggiani, he  worked on the design and development of the lighting project to illuminate the exhibitions inside the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza. Gnomone was born, a suspended assembly configuration of the Meridiana luminaire, to create the most innovative and articulated compositions.

Gnomone is a versatile metal structure that incorporates a complete system of track-mounted power cables, ideal for housing and powering the projectors of the Meridiana range. Gnomone is suspended using steel cables that make it extremely flexible to install, without height limits. The designer may choose the quantity and quality of the light most in keeping with the desired lighting effect.