With the two recent partnership ended up with AIDI , Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione, and IALD, International Association of Lighting Designers, we renew once more our continuos commitment to promote the evolution and expansion of lighting knowledge, both nationally and globally.

AIDI plays a constant activity of scientific, technical and cultural education spreading information on lighting related problems and issues.

Present in Italy with territorial sections, it stands as an ambassador for a modern culture of the Italian lighting, and since its establishment it is a witness of the history and the image of its members: an enlightened and brave entrepreneurs, scholars and academics, designers, service companies , light lovers , who have contributed with their commitment and intelligence, not only to the life and development of the Association , but also to the affirmation of Italian lighting in the world.

IALD is the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and is an internationally recognized organization dedicated solely to the concerns of independent, professional lighting designers. The IALD strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers.

Inside the IALD, the LIRC, Lighting Industry Resource Council, exists to provide a framework within IALD for enhanced communication between professional lighting designers and manufacturers and to create an appropriate environment for the improvement of products, services, business practices and lighting design education.


AIDI – Associazione Italiana di Illuminazione

IALD Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC)