Recessed mounting fixture designed to add value to the room. Exceptional value in the COMPACT version, with diffuse and versatile lighting in the COMFORT version (UGR <19) with interchangeable IOS (Interchangeable Optical System) optics. MILED is designed for LED lamps only; with thermally conductive materials and the large size and number of aluminium slats, the increased surface area/volume ratio results in more efficient heat extraction. Its high quality light (CRI > 90 and risk group 0), long service life, high performance and maintenance free operation make it the optimal solution for spaces requiring long-term artificial lighting. MiLed is available in the usual 3 sizes of Reggiani recessed mounting fixture, and is thus suited – using the same holes already in the false ceiling – to upgrading existing fixtures with high efficiency LED lighting.

Specifications and Benefits:

  • LED lamps
  • Luminous flux up to 5047 lm and CRI > 90
  • Available in 2 versions, COMFORT and COMPACT, and 3 sizes: Ø 160, Ø 200 and Ø 233
  • Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
  • Mollablok system for installation in false ceilings of thickness up to 35mm.
  • Minimal bezel for quick installation and no-release, vibration damping clips.
  • Excellent heat management for increased LED life
  • Can be equipped with IR, UV, selective food and coloured dichroic filters