The Mosaico Easy-IOS system combines modules to create corner and straight line installations. Available in recessed, pendant and surface mounting versions, Mosaico Easy-IOS has a wide range of components and accessories to create any desired configuration. Thanks to its specifications and the IOS optical system, Mosaico is a versatile, elegant solution for lighting commercial, retail and residential spaces.

Features and Benefits:

  • Available for LED, halogen and metal halide lamps.
  • Luminous flux up to 3800 lm and CRI > 90 (LED versions)
  • Modular surface, pendant and recessed-mounting system.
  • Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
  • Removable optical compartment up to 2 positions with independent adjustment, 356° horizontally and 50° vertically.
  • Available in trimless and bezel recessed mounting versions
  • Track and special fittings to facilitate installation and orientation of the optical compartments in the surface mounting and pendant versions.
  • Driver with emergency power for LED lamps available.