In April 2019 has been inaugurated the newly renovated San Giorgio Cafè on the Venetian island of San Giorgio Maggiore, only rest and meeting point for all visitors to the Island and the Giorgio Cini Foundation. We have collaborated in the renewal of the San Giorgio Cafè as Lighting Partner.

“We are very proud to be Lighting Partner of the Cini Foundation for the renovation of the San Giorgio Cafè, an oasis of refreshment on the enchanting island of San Giorgio,” explains Matteo Reggiani, Reggiani’s Corporate Strategic Officer “Lighting helps to make it unique and an exceptional space, and the technological solutions used for this project offer high-level experience, perfectly in line with the values ​​we share with the Cini Foundation “.

Giorgio Cini Foundation chose Sunny LED surface projectors for the general illumination: high-performance and visually non-invasive, they provide elegant and refined lighting, perfectly in line with the spriti of the Foundation.

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