The exhibition entitled “Adolfo Wildt (1868-1931), the Last Symbolist” is taking place in the Modern Art Gallery (GAM), Milan from 27 November to 14 February 2016. It includes 55 artworks made from a range of materials, showcasing the artistic output of the Milanese sculptor, Adolfo Wildt.

This event celebrates one of Milan’s famous names, suggesting a historical and artistic tour of the city which hosts the works of Wildt. Milan is full of artworks by this fine sculptor – from the park of the Villa Reale to the Monumental Cemetery and Largo Gemelli.

The lighting for the gallery space has been designed using Yori LED projectors, featuring effective colour rendering and long lifetime of the light source; they are supplied with a custom optical component for this special exhibition to maximise visual comfort and increase the cut-off angle.

The lighting bodies have been constructed in a customised neutral colour and are installed on recessed tracks to hide them from view, ensuring a very discreet presence.

Yori – here in the version with extendable arm – is also used in the lobby of the exhibition location, where it is necessary to draw attention to the statues of the permanent collection and the ceiling at the same time. The lighting bodies have been positioned on the wall mouldings to be able to easily control the light.

The relationship between light and artworks is essential to accentuate the materials used to create the items on display. Indeed, Wildt carefully researched the materials he selected and he repeated the same subject in gypsum, marble and bronze to aim for the best final result. With the right lighting, this effect is heightened and transmitted to exhibition visitors.

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