“Alfons Mucha and the Art Nouveau atmospheres” (“Alfons Mucha e le atmosfere art nouveau”), over 220 works which reconstruct the elegant, luxurious and sensual flavour of the Belle Époque. The exhibition is set to take place at Milan’s Palazzo Reale, from Thursday 10 December 2015 to Friday 20 March 2016.

Artist Alfons Mucha, a key name on the art nouveau scene, is joined in this exhibition by the decorative artwork of European artists and producers, in a display divided by stylistic and iconographic themes. This is a journey through a time that has captured the public imagination for its stylistic code, which balances the mythological and the exotic: the cult of the stars of the theatre, the angelic female figure but also the femme fatale, the Japonism, the inspiration provided by the animal and floral worlds.

The exhibition includes posters and theatre ads, furniture, decorative pieces of art, jewellery, and graphics from consumer product packaging. A collection which aims to create an atmosphere and a charm that will surprise and emotionally involve the audience.

The lighting design for the exhibition space also helps to enhance the immersive aspect of the visitor experience. 10W and 26W track mounted Yori LED projectors were chosen, along with 13W Roll Ios projectors and the 10W Bisio recessed luminaire. The light sources used enhance the wide variety of works and materials on display thanks to their high colour rendering index, whilst also maximising overall energy savings.

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