The Beccafico project brief called for a modern Italian restaurant that drew influence from beach side architecture and classic Scandinavian design.  While not obvious bedfellows, the final result is a raw and minimalist interior that ignores the whims of trend and the potential clichés.

With strictly budgeted outcomes, it would have been a simple process to emulate any of the well-articulated examples from within the scope of the brief, however great lengths were taken to ensure the discovery of harmonious relationships were discovered. As such the contradiction in these styles is fully explored and unearthing complimentary relationships is at the concepts core.

The minimal track mounted projector Sunluce was selected for the overall lighting of the restaurant mixing the decorative luminaires. The extremely adjustable angle of projection allows to enlighten efficiently the space in its whole. The aesthetic impact of the fixture is very reduced taking advantage of a design made of geometric shapes and elegant lines.

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