Bioesseri is an organic concept restaurant with branches in Palermo and Milan. The Milan branch is housed inside three renovated and converted historic shops in the Brera district, at the heart of the city.

The project enhanced the original buildings, bringing a modern twist without compromising the typical ambience. The existing structure was stripped back to reveal its red brick and wooden ceilings, showing the signs of aging and the different interventions that have been made over time.

The addition of contemporary and technological detailing, in which architecture, craftsmanship and design combine, has created a dynamic, warm space – the tones of the wood, the bricks, the lighting and the furniture produce a soft, cosy feel.

The lighting was specifically developed to integrate the chosen luminaires into the existing design of this highly characterised historic space. The buildings posed some structural constraints which prevented the use of recessed lighting in most areas, and the natural light was also low: artificial lighting was therefore used to recreate different light scenarios throughout the day.

Yori track-mounted projectors (DALI version) were chosen for the lounges, installed on suspended rails, on the ceilings or in the spaces between the wooden beams. The embossed black finish and minimalist design provided the required discretion for this type of setting. The Mosaico Easy Ios modular system and, where possible, Re Low LED recessed luminaires, completed the project.

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