The Centro Lando in Cittadella, province of Padua, is a multipurpose centre that will accommodate a hypermarket, some offices and retail businesses in addition to a multiplex cinema.

The structure examined for the design is as follows:

– entry vestibule on the ground floor;

– foyer with three lifts and escalators, leading to the first floor of the shopping mall.

The rationale for the design was to optimise the products in terms of their best lighting efficacy and the various applications required, without overlooking their aesthetic.


The keyword is optimisation. The trump card is luminous efficacy and flexibility.

The multi-brand products identified as the perfect partners for the lighting concept proposed by De Zolt in collaboration with Sice — Società Impianti Costruzioni Elettrotermoidrauliche — were used to obtain functional lighting and at the same time provide the perfect aesthetic for the spaces to light. The many different arrangements of the interiors – full height areas of up to 10 m, office zones with false ceilings and hallways – necessitated the use of high efficiency LED lighting and bespoke, optimised products.  

Architectural integration:

The ceiling of the full height structure reaches up to 10 m, and includes exposed beams and technological systems. This meant that the selected products had to guarantee the possibility of surface (mounted on the ceiling beams) and pendant installation.

Energy saving assessment:

Of course, LED light sources are an energy saving device. But that’s not all. The combined use of LED sources with optimum luminous efficacy and excellent colour rendering, fitted with high performance interchangeable optics made it possible to optimise the position of the lighting bodies and save on products. The whole design concept was to save energy but at the same time consider the quality and quantity of light required.

Technological description:

The Mosaico recessed luminaires by Reggiani fitted with 33 W LEDs were used for the entry vestibule. IOS interchangeable optics. Excellent efficacy and adjustment.

In the full height zone – known as the Piazza – two other Reggiani products were installed.

Fixing brackets were used to mount Lindro luminaires with 41 W LEDs on the ceiling beams, with a narrow light beam in the zone above the foyer – the maximum ceiling height – and a more diffused light beam directed over the mall, where the ceiling height is lower.

In the full height zone, suspension cables were used to hang the Ladder Quadro by Reggiani with 4 X 39 W LEDs. This was also the special product of choice in the design of the University of Padua.

The lighting design as a whole was bound to the various application requirements – recessed, pendant and ceiling-mounted – and the range of wattage and lighting angles determined by the product, by the installation and by the desired result.

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