Fashion brand Dazzle’s new store, recently opened in Shanghai, is the first of a new era for the Chinese firm. Located in Shanghai’s Kerry Center, the store sports a completely new look, thanks to a skilled all-Italian restyle, a collaboration between Cristofori Santi Architetti, responsible for the interior design, and Rossi Lighting, who took care of the lighting design.

The restyle was born from the brand’s desire to refresh their look, maintaining their decidedly feminine vibe, but delivering it in an unconventional way.

The concept, created by architectural firm Cristofori Santi Architetti, originated around the idea of a dynamic space, with a clean design. The layout is generated by a rhomboid shape with rounded corners, a conventionally defined petal. This matrix divides the setting, creating pure white material partitions which, reminiscent of a theatre stage, cut through the original store, building a dynamic space.

The Dazzle collection is showcased in front of these white surfaces, behind which we find the changing rooms, the cash desk and other facilities.

This new space concept could be termed Minimalist Baroque.

Rossi Lighting are the talent behind the lighting design and concept. The restyle features a cove illumination system built in-situ and seamlessly integrated into the architecture. The coves, which contain a series of hidden YORI LED projectors with articulated arm, flow and wind among the softened volumes of the architectonic space.  The Yori luminaires deliver a colour temperature of 3000K and a colour rendering index >90, absorbed power, including auxiliary supply loss, of just 23.9W, and nominal luminous flux of 2038 lm from the LED source.

The projectors, inserted into the coves, and the ceiling recessed luminaires feature a selection of accessories, shields and diffusers, to reduce glare and ensure the correct illumination of both the architectural space and the merchandise.

The lighting design, a key part of a sales space, was created to superimpose layers of light; on the one hand it lights up the space, emphasising the materiality and finish of the partitions and, on the other, it creates accents, highlighting colours and materials in the garments and accessories on show.

Lighting products and systems developed, then, to create light scenography within the store capable of bringing out the nature of the space, emphasising the colours and fabrics of the merchandise on show, and inviting the customer to enter, to stay and to select their purchases.