From Basquiat to Kher, from Hirst to Sugimoto: a true journey into contemporary painting is on offer with this exhibition entitled “Don’t Shoot the Painter. Paintings from the UBS Art Collection”.

For the exhibition at Milan’s GAM, Reggiani created an ad-hoc lighting system to showcase the 110 works from the UBS Art Collection, one of the biggest corporate collections in the world, open to the public thanks to the three-year partnership between GAM and UBS.

The concept aims to showcase the individual paintings and the special layout developed by curator Francesco Bonomi to reflect the historical legacy of the museum, highlighting the cross-references between the exhibition venue itself and the works.

Our approach was to set off the very mixed collection of artworks by adopting a wide range of lighting solutions. We used Yori LED projectors (10 W) fitted with different types of LEDs and optics.

Indeed, it was only possible to bring out the pigments of the artworks created with different techniques on a variety of media by coming up with the right combination of a number of different colour temperatures (2700K, 3000K and 4000K) and light beam widths, ensured by the use of the IOS interchangeable optics system.

Each single material used to create the artworks features its own specific light response; the different reactions to the wavelengths emitted by the LEDs made it essential to correctly adjust the projectors so all the paintings could be fully appreciated.

However, the truly distinguishing quality of the installation lies in the relationship between the actual artworks and the exhibition panels; it was deliberately decided to blur the edges between these two elements, in order to throw off visitors in a play between content (artwork) and container (setting). The beam adjustment of the projectors was therefore also important to bring out this “mingled perception”.

On the whole, the lighting design is minimalist, and it maintains the visual harmony of the setting; the lighting bodies achieve a discreet presence thanks to their specially created neutral colour and their installation on recessed tracks to hide them from view.