Located in spaces once used as a warehouse by the Florio Wine Cellars, on the seafront in Marsala, the new premises for the Florio Terrace is a project that successfully combines architecture, art and design, reinterpreting the relationship between industrial and contemporary elements.

The site is made up of two different areas: the hall, on the ground floor, and the terrace overlooking the sea, on the first floor.

The materials chosen distinguish the space by giving it a modern, unfinished feel: sand and cement screed, bare concrete and plaster walls, deliberately unfinished like the pillars revealed during demolition and left in all of their imperfection.

The premises, with its play on volumes and equilibrium, is similar to an art gallery; the staircase between the two floors is an articulated element in iron, painted glossy white with black steps. Holes and cut outs in different sizes are made in the parapet and, with the natural light by day and artificial light by night, create evocative passages of light.

Perfectly integrated within this setting are the elegant 10W and 26W Yori luminaires with CRI up to 94. The white embossed finish blends seamlessly with the texture of the walls, and the use of the product in both white as well as black areas creates balances and contrasts that bring out the spaces even more.

Next to the staircase are three chairs/sculptures in red that allude to the three wine labels: Corvo, Florio and Duca di Salaparuta. The stairs leads up to the splendid 500 m2 terrace with a view of the sea, marked by white gazebos and furnished with sofas, armchairs and tables.

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