The business incubator IN-Factory of PCTT emerges as a space in which to promote entrepreneurship and business, offering the companies located in the Fishing Dock of Santa Cruz de Tenerife a space for collaboration and training, in order to improve their products and processes through both prototyping and R & D + i.

Conceived as a unique building, the nursery IN Factory stands as a volume within another volume, that is, a curved organic body in white walls immersed in one of the industrial buildings of the fishing dock. This inner body is seen as a sculptural piece, but at the same time it is a place where functionality and use of space prioritize. White parapets in the form of “U” define a plastic shell appearance  in which the bottom of a spiral staircase stands as an almost independent element that marks the vertical circulation, using, in turn, the curved line as architectural language,

This desire to get both design and functionality is reflected in the choice of building systems, where a perfect finish should not be opposed to the speed of execution and the ability of assembly. Therefore it is used the metal structure and the dry assembly of the partition walls and floors.

The new facility should be introduced into the nave affecting the old building as little as possible, that is why the designed structure is based solely on the existing floor. By request of program needs, in addition, the plan had to be projected on three levels, using “kind” forms to emphasize the perception of space and brightness, and in addition, to accentuate the interior character and technological use of space.

The resulting distribution generates two very distinct spaces: on the one hand, an open common proportioned space with independent lighting and a warm color temperature that creates a pleasant environment as a square area; on the other, a closed space occupied with offices and workplaces, where both sound insulation and lighting with a high color rendering index take priority in order to enhance the concept of working stay.

The lighting project is made by our pendant lamp Lorosae enlightening the central space of “núcelo de Servicios”, while the elegant and minimal recessed Trybeca round was used in the offices; to finish the linear LED fixture linea luce slim.

Finally, regarding to the program of building applications, it is contemplated the existence of several offices on the ground, first and second floors. On the ground floor is likewise located a prototyping room for the installation of 3D printers while in the second, a meeting room and an auditorium are located. In addition, new space uses have been prepared, incorporating an “office” -Equipped with kitchen and dining-area, a core of bathrooms and rest areas located within circulation areas, which are joined to the core vertical communication, as well as the aforementioned spiral staircase, the installation of an elevator.

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