Mesux is a Chinese fashion clothing brand with a refined and elegant clientele, captured by the creativity of Italian designer Alberto Zambelli, who cleverly mixes sartorial rigor with fresh colours and textures. The concept behind their new space draws upon the very identity of the brand and is developed around the idea of modern, feminine luxury, characterised by sinuous shapes and high end surfaces.

The project was developed by Milanese architects Cristofori Santi, in collaboration with lighting designer Giacomo Rossi of LDT-Lighting Design Team.

The contemporary reinterpretation of the noble palazzo image forms the basis of the space definition. A series of rooms enriched by detailing which references classical elements, reminiscent of a monumental past, but reworked through pure forms and minimalist design.

The ceiling shapes are inspired by the decorative ceilings of historic residences, along with the use of floor decoration, alternating gloss and matt marble flooring in typical French style.

Baroque geometry meets minimalist design, creating new contemporary volumes, such as the curved surfaces that characterise the walls of the shop, also enhanced by the light that envelops them. The backdrops to the hangers in the second room feature softened lines like curtains, reminding us of out of scale architectural elements such as exaggerated pilasters.  The furniture too, in plexiglass and gold, underlines the dual soul of the brand, classical but forward-thinking.

The lighting concept was developed in complete synergy with the interior designer’s vision, a reference to the architecture of aristocratic palaces and the Baroque era, where natural light is revealed through the volumes of the architectural space. Light, used as a compositional element, filters through the curved “wings” that are arranged around the perimeter of the space, emphasising the niched passage between the two rooms.

The luminaires for the accent lighting are concealed in coves or recessed within pilasters that curve to the ceiling, in a nod to the typical mouldings of Baroque vaults.

The lighting design was conceived in order to obtain the best illumination with maximum energy savings. The luminaires chosen for this purpose were the Yori LED projector, in recessed version and with articulated arm, featuring 22W LEDs with a 3000K colour temperature and high colour rendering index (CRI> 90), to best emphasise the finishes of the products on display, enhancing the architecture of the space and delivering the best possible in-store experience.

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