The Venetian MIG group, which brings together four excellences of furniture, JESSE, ROTALIANA, SINETICA, SITLAND and two mechanical and component companies, MWM, SACEMI GAMAR, has chosen the very central Via della Spiga for the opening of its new showroom.

The showroom is located in an eighteenth-century building, which is still one of the most successful examples of interior architecture experimentation by architect Tadao Ando, ​​whose stylistic approach is currently still clearly perceptible inside the store, through the imposing curved concrete wall that dominates the exhibition space, dividing it into two levels.

The objective of the MIG Group is to create an experiential physical place where you can touch the quality, the Italian know-how and the wide variety of its range of furnishings for every type of environment.

The staging project is curated by Studio Lucchesedesign and includes an exhibition itinerary organized through a practical subdivision of the rooms, each dedicated to a different living function and characterized from a chromatic point of view by hints of full color and interesting contrasts. For the architectural lighting was chosen our Yori Evo Box track projector in embossed matt white finish: discreet but powerful, it succeeds in the difficult objective of not being invasive and at the same time providing effective accent light to enhance the products on display.

Its simple and elegant style is combined with the minimal and linear style that characterizes the showroom, which entrusts to the neutral container but with suggestive volumes, the task of acting as a scenic backdrop for the furnishings.

According to Gianmaria Mezzalira, President and CEO of the MIG group: «This new space is much more than a showroom but rather a path where you can fully experience the Group’s brands and activate new synergies. This space represents an important milestone for MIG but also the starting point to face the new challenges of a market that is redefining itself.