The exhibition Myth and Nature from the Magna Graecia to Pompeii (“Mito e Natura dalla Magna Grecia a Pompei”), open at Milan’s Royal Palace from 31 July 2015 until 10 January 2016, provides a fascinating and somewhat unusual portrayal of the roots of this civilisation: the relationship between classical man and the nature around him and its evolution through the centuries.

The works on show create a journey which explores multiple aspects of how nature has inspired art: from vases to frescos, from everyday objects to domestic decorations, the exhibition is a true meditation, ancient and contemporary at the same time, on the relationship between man and the environment from its origins to the present day.

Flowers, landscapes, scenery, mythological characters, seascapes, forests, animals and vineyards are some of the themes featured in the exhibition, made possible by major loans from the Naples Museum, the Louvre, from Athens, Berlin and the British Museum, as well as from private collections.

The lighting for the main hall of the exhibition was provided using 26W and 46W Varios track-mounted projectors in the Flat version with a mix of narrow and medium light beam widths. The LED light sources deliver a colour temperature of 3000K.

Thanks to their precise adjustability, these luminaires offer an extremely flexible solution which can be adapted to the diverse exhibition contexts. Illuminating such a broad spectrum of items required great care in the design phase, and the end result is a striking setting in which the works on display are enhanced and showcased in all their uniqueness.

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