This stunning private villa, in Carrara, achieves the ideal paradigm of minimalist furnishing; the cardinal element of the project is the spatial organisation of the various spaces, designed to optimise the quality and functionality of the rooms.

The living spaces are characterised by a series of shared elements, such as the white colour which dominates the walls. Synonymous with lightness and purity, white is the perfect expression of sophisticated, synthetic style. As well as making the space feel larger, it also brings light, calm and serenity.

The tables, sofas and other furniture are all simple in style. Defined alternation of light and dark tones creates a strong and interesting contrast with the wooden elements such as wardrobes and flooring.

These are the elements which bring a materiality to the spaces, restoring a sense of domestic warmth to this clean, modern environment.

The Trybeca family of recessed luminaires used for the lighting project integrates naturally into this setting thanks to its elegant and clean design. The three shapes (square, rectangular and round) have been inserted into the various rooms, respecting the formal balance and the style of the spaces.

The multiple possible set-ups allowed by the variety of sizes available, the three positions each luminaire can take (recessed, flush or drop mounting) and the option to use the version with bezel or trimless make this product suitable for multiple residential architectural contexts, but also for hotels, retail and business use.

The diffused lighting is extremely efficient, and at the same time enhances the space without changing the geometric volume. The latest generation LEDs ensure high performance, with luminous flux of up to 4100 lm and CRI>90, whilst also ensuring reduced energy consumption.