For the restructuring of a prestigious apartment at the heart of Milan, architect Giovanni Musica (MGAlab) devised a sophisticated and elegant residential concept.

The materials chosen created an environment inspired by the principles of wellbeing and beauty, present in their most natural or raw form, from iron to marble and wood. The living space colour palette is on-trend, but not invasive.

The oval-shaped entrance was chosen as a symbol of ancestry and life, leading on to the living area, accented by a huge iron fireplace and a large dining table.

Musica’s experience in residential architecture defined the bedroom, bringing hotel influences to the typical intimacy of this space, creating a room reminiscent of a small suite.

The lighting design played a particularly important role, especially with regard to the relationship between natural and artificial light, consisting of decorative luminaires and functional lighting fixtures; the latter offering a stylish, minimalist design which integrated perfectly with the ambience of the setting, as well as providing the required high performance.

Re low LED recessed ceiling luminaires were chosen for the oval space of the entrance hall, while other rooms featured Sunluce projectors and the Mosaico system for general lighting. Yori projectors with articulated arm, mounted in coves in the ceiling completed the project.