The concept of the pavilion – entitled OfficeUS – developed by New York architects Leong Leong, graphic designer Natasha Jen/Pentagram and technology consultants CASE, focuses on the fundamental aspects of corporate identity and design. Interrupting the pavilion’s classic planimetry, the walls showcase a binder system repository of project documentation, a tracking shot of materials produced by the partners working in the office, surrounding the large collective workspace which stretches throughout the rooms of the pavilion, inverting the order of outside and in.

OfficeUS looks to the past and to the future simultaneously, revisiting both historic materials and office protocols, as shown in the archives, also using the pavilion itself as a workspace to host workshops and conferences.

The exhibition space, transformed into a functional workspace, also features a series of mirrors which, as well as making the space seem even bigger and reflecting the set-up as a whole, create the impression of endless repeating tables, completed by mirrors and display cases raised by around 20 cm in smoked glass. The lighting in this space, characterised by the multiplication of images, creates an ongoing dialogue between light and reflection, amplified and harmonised using custom-designed lighting solutions.

For this highly innovative concept, Reggiani Illuminazione was called upon as a lighting partner, to ensure that the lighting not only enhanced the exhibition, but also created an atmosphere appropriate to the exhibition/workspace setting. 26W 4000K LEDs offer neutral white light, characterised by minimalism, functionality and high performance.

As well as Yori, Reggiani also provided its Linea Luce LED, linear LED luminaires with outstanding performance, incredible versatility and scope of application, in the pendant and recessed versions. The 120 cm versions were suspended using steel cables above the tables to illuminate the objects on display.

The recessed Luce LED Line versions, in custom IP65 format, were connected outside the pavilion and illuminate the detailing on the facade, enhancing the aesthetic effect.

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