Scandic München Macherei is one of the newest add to the Scandic hotels group: it has just opened in Munich, where it already became well-integrated into the new Macherei Quarter – a modern district where history and tradition meet the modern age.

The hotel is characterized and loved not only for its comfortably furnished hotel rooms, but also for its airy living room-style lounges and spacious co-working areas.

The building meets the highest standards in terms of sustainability: it this indeed certified according to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), an international sustainability assessment system, meeting the requirements for LEED Gold.

The lighting project, developed by Kardorff, follows the vibrant and contemporary atmosphere of the hotel. In the lobby, Yori Evo Box create accent lighting to welcome the guests. Further on, the spacious living room for relaxing and socialising is lit up by Yori Evo Box and Yori Evo Ghostrack Pendant, to create a welcoming and chic result and make it possible for the guests to relax, study, work, stay together.

Finally, the restaurant, characterized by high ceilings, is lit up by Yori Evo Ghostrack projectors, both surface mounted and mounted on pendant tracks. The result is a coherent lighting effect, to give light both to the art exposed on the walls and on the dining tables.