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Splyt System

System of luminaires for interiors, born of the specific requirement to offer high performance optics with an optical compartment thickness of just 40mm, SPLYT is a further result of Reggiani's collaboration with leading British lighting designers, LAPD Consultants. The system enables the fixture mounting to adapt to the specific requirements of the project, with semi-recessed, track, surface and wall mounting options.

Feature / 2

  1. 90° adjustability (horizontal axis)
  2. 230° adjustability (vertical axis)


Bute Mills – Youthscape

We have supplied a variety of light fittings including the offbeat Splyt and Envios luminaires for the refurbishment of Bute Mills, the n...

Bute Mills – Youthscape

Feature / 3

  1. Splyt Recessed
  2. Splyt Surface 
  3. Splyt Track  

Feature / 1

The design is in keeping with the geometric canons of the latest Reggiani luminaires, inspired bypure forms around which the design concept is created, fully functional in terms of the desired luminance and the application for which the product has been conceived.


L.A.P.D. Studio

LAPD is an independent studio of  internationally famous lighting designers, awarded several times over for the innovative solutions it ...

L.A.P.D. Studio

News & Technology

LED Array

An LED array has a number of small Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs positioned into a clear pattern or array. There are a number of advantages as...

LED Array