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Yori Evo 48V System


The Yori Evo 48V system is the low voltage version of our most complete system, Yori Evo Ghostrack. The system consists of three different families: Yori Evo 48V, adjustable projectors, Yori Pendant 48V, suspensions of different lengths, and Yori Linear 48V, equipped with 3 different diffusers (Opal, Prismatic and UGR <19). The system also includes a range of low voltage tracks in surface and recessed versions, with high profiles and also with indirect light.


  • Yori Evo 48V
  • Yori Pendant 48V
  • Yori Linear 48V

Yori Evo 48V

Yori Evo 48V

Yori Evo 48V is the low voltage version of our Yori Evo Ghostrack family, our most efficient and flexible projector. It has Precision and Performance optics and it's available in four sizes. An elegant accent lighting solution with an outstanding CRI>98 option that enhances colours authenticity and materiality.

A wide range of options

Yori Evo 48V is available in 4 different sizes: Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø43mm and Ø60mm. You can choose also the version with both standard or extra long arm if you want to use it on a deep recessed track.

Yori Pendant 48V

Yori Pendant 48V

Yori Pendant 48V is a family of suspended luminaires, inspired by the streamlined design of the Yori projector system. Minimal and elegant, thanks to the extensive selection of finishes and to the particularly wide range of sizes, it offers endless combinations.

Different sizes and lengths

Yori Pendant 48V is available in 3 different diameters (Ø22mm, Ø35mm, Ø60mm), each one with different lengths to meet any architectural style. 

Yori Linear 48V

Yori Linear 48V

Yori Linear 48V is the linear version of the 48V System. It comes with three different diffusers and five different lengths: 286mm, 567mm, 847mm, 1128mm and 1408mm. It can be used to complement accent lighting or to create lines of light and unusual architectural schemes. 

A diffuser for every need

Yori Linear 48V comes with three different diffusers: Opal, for soft and diffuse lighting; Prismatic, for more control; UGR, to reduce glare, especially in work places


The European UNI-EN 12464-1 standard establishes the correct lighting for internal work environments. The most important factor to consider is the glare, which is measured with the UGR scale (Unified Glare Rating), the lower the value, the lesser the glare will be. Yori Linear 48V guarantees excellent visual comfort in different work environments, but also in schools and hospitals, thanks to an extremely low UGR value (<19). 

Low voltage tracks

Low voltage tracks

Our new family of Low Voltage Tracks works with all the luminaires of Yori Evo 48V System. Low Voltage tracks are available in surface and recessed versions, with high profiles and also with indirect light. The family also offers a wide range of accessories to make installation even more flexible and simple.