We are pleased to announce the full resumption of our production activities from next May 4th, after the stop due to the spread of Coronavirus infection. With the reopening of the company’s headquarters, all the production processes in Italy will now be 100% functional again. The production facility in China had already returned to full operation by the end of February.

The reopening was possible thanks to the adoption of numerous precautions aimed primarily at protecting the health of the company’s employees. We have committed to adapt the workplace to current safety regulations through staggered attendance at the workplace, the facilitation of smart working where possible, the daily distribution of personal protective equipment, the constant sanitization of the premises, as well as the minimum distance between workers and the measurement of body temperature.

Matteo Reggiani commented on the resumption of production activities, declaring: «We are very happy to be able to start our work again, putting our greatest passion back at the centre of our lives, always with an eye on the safety of our employees. Reggiani’s engine has never stopped, even in this delicate period. Thanks to technology, we have had the opportunity to remain closed to all our customers and partners by presenting the new 2020 product collection, exceptionally in digital mode, and developing other initiatives that have seen them and will see them as protagonists in the coming weeks«.

In the meantime, technical, commercial and marketing departments have been working from home to release the new Product collections 2020. Nonetheless, with the aim of keeping the relationship with its customers and partners alive, we have also set up «Coffee Talks» during the closing period, moment of dialogueandvirtual confrontation in which to talk about our new products.