«Dukaversum» is an innovative and immersive showroom both from the conceptual and the staging point of view, nestled in the South Tyrolean valley of Bressanone, able to serve as european display for Duka, italian leader company in the production of high quality shower enclosures. The space is divided in 4 different settings that each tell an interpretation of the products displayed in their various forms.

The four «moods» are accessed through a dark tunnel that leads to a central «arena», where a maxiscreen welcomes the visitors projecting a video that introduces the conceptual settings division of the showroom.

Each space takes inspiration from different contexts and lifestyles, spanning from the theme of the mountains to that of a modern and smart living culture, then going from oriental to natural inspirations.

The experience offered by the «dukaversum» is a 360 degrees immersive one, that transmits the quality, versatility and functionality of every Duka product.

The lighting project of Duka showroom makes extensive use of Yori Evo 48V, an elegant accent lighting solution with an exceptional CRI>98 option, which enhances the authenticity and materiality of the illuminated spaces.