Hamburg’s new Montblanc Haus represents an exhibition and brand experience centre for the internationally renowned luxury stationery manufacturer. Its shape takes inspiration from the «Meisterstück», the box of a writing instrument, in homage to the elegant practice of putting down words on paper.

Designed by Nieto Sobejano architecture studio, the building won different architecture prizes thanks to the cutting edge result. The indoor atmospheres pursue the choice of light-coloured materials, while introducing a contrasting element at the centre of each room. Throughout the space, linear lighting guides the visitors in the exhibition halls, where special collections and memoires from the past are showcased. Yori Linear is the perfect solution for combining soft, diffused lighting. Yori Evo Ghostrack is used in the exhibition halls to highlight with accent lighting all the products exposed.

Since the space doesn’t have the mere objective of being «just» a museum, but acts as a brand experience center, we gave light to the common areas that can be found within Montblanc Haus: here, Yori Evo Box illuminates the space, carrying a simple, elegant design that blends perfectly with the space.

Montblanc Haus represents an unmissable hot spot of the city: the structure of the building’s façade draws the striking image of the Mont Blanc mountain range, with the Mont Blanc as the highest mountain of the Alps. The large, elongated bar shaped building is located directly in front of the administration and production building.