This residential project is located in Sant Cugat del Vallés, an urban area just outside from Barcelona, Spain. The house has an area of 460 m2 and is splitted in three floors.

The whole projects is centered on a soft color palette and an elegant, sleek design.

Starting from the ground floor, a welcoming and cozy living room welcomes guests and inhabitants of the house. Low voltage tracks allow lighting throughout the whole house, featuring Yori Linear 48V and Yori Evo 48V Ø35mm projector in brushed gold color finish.

While Yori Linear 48V creates a linear lighting that creates a uniform effect in the house, spotlights are used to create accent lighting where needed. The brushed gold finish of Yori Evo 48V perfectly blends in the product in the project. The same lighting configurations accompanies the guest upstairs, where the studio and library are located. Here, the space benefits of the UGR<19 characteristic of the Yori Linear 48V Dark Performance, which reduces glare. Yori Evo 48V in brushed gold enlight correctly the library and its characteristic. On the first floor, the master bedroom and the kids bedrooms are located. While the brushed gold color finish is maintained in the master bedroom, the Yori Evo 48 projectors in the kids room are in a white finish.

In the basement is located a private gym: here, an array of Traceline Recessed with Opal diffuser create a coherent lighting effect.