Against the animated backdrop of Milan Design Week, we unveil Persona, an avant-garde installation that puts personalization at the forefront of lighting technology. The installation counted 7000+ visitors during the week and resulted in the perfect occasion to introduce ILM, the Interchangeable LED Module. Located in the dynamic space of Via Borgonuovo, Persona is an immersive journey into the future of lighting, where customization meets human needs.

Wherever people are, lighting plays a key role: it affects consumer behavior, it creates the perfect atmosphere for incredible memories, it stays with us during our everyday activities. Therefore, lighting needs to be flexible.

The installation comprises two distinct rooms, each offering a unique exploration of light and reflection. The first room, filled with mirrors, fragments visitors‘ reflections into multiple pieces, creating a captivating mosaic of light and identity. The second room transforms old televisions connected to video cameras into projected fragmented images.

Persona has been the occasion to introduce ILM, the Interchangeable LED Module for our products. ILM allows to change the LED board of lighting products easily and safely, without replacing the product itself, in order to give the customer maximum freedom in terms of personalization of the lighting result, and to prolongue the life’s product: as the LED board will stop functioning, it will just be possible to install a new LED Board.

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