House of Athlete is new a lifestyle wellness brand headquartered in Weston, Florida, and rapidly growing globally. We collaborated to the lighting project with a mix of architectural lighting that included Yori Evo 48V projectors mounted on our 48V tracks. 

With a brutal and sleek architectural gesture, House of Athlete welcomes you into a massive space where form and function are one thing.  The location is a combination of sophisticated lines and architectural volumes that play with each other as much in contrast as in harmony. The massive lobby is featured by three main areas: the reception/juice bar, the retail space and the stadium seats. The spaces are connected by seamless lines that run on the floors, walls and ceiling, defining the space in each dimension.

The colors define the spaces functions: black for the reception, white for the Retail and light wood for the seating areas. The materials choice reflects the values of the brand: materials such as white marble for the reception refer to strength, durability and performance. Black polished metal, instead, recalls speed, movement, flexibility. The light wood choice for the stadium seating area is used to soften and comfort the space that is otherwise strongly characterized by “cold” materials. The concrete, finally, stands for urbanism, the way of life of a place and their people, their tribe.