Google Atelier Numérique are polyvalent spaces for learning, working together and exploring the latest digital innovations. Google Atelier Numériques in France have been established in 5 french cities: the coaches of the Atelier Numérique in Saint-Étienne support workers, artisans, job seekers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wishes to master the digital tools necessary for the success of their projects.

The spaces are designed to be in constant movement and to allow different activities. Google Atelier Numérique in Saint-Étienne features different areas: conference zone, meeting area, projection room and an experimental workbench.

The central tool desk is an open invitation to visitors into a world of experimentation, as it showcases the latest technological tools as if they were the elements of an immense toolkit. Virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence can be discovered in the Atelier. Yori Evo Box gives spotlight to the various experiences.

People can freely sign up for courses and tech lessons, both in groups or in individual sessions. Therefore the space needs to consent all the different activities. Designed as a series of composable, interconnected elements, the space and its furniture are constructed using simple, modular assembly principles. Inspired by the playful, experimental spirit of the Google Digital Workshop, the ensemble has been thought like a construction game set to compose and recompose in constant modularity. Cells Surface – even in a custom made pendant application are used to highlight the urban aesthetic of the Atelier and is used in different colours to create a mixed palette.