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Unit offers flexibility for different lighting schemes in retail spaces. Trim or trimless, single, double, triple or continuous. Our recessed spotlight can be recessed, flush or drop, with 35° of adjustability, with unique mechanical features making it minimal and discrete in the ceiling. The new optics reach unbelievable performance in terms of light output and tight beam angles for precise aiming. The wide range of accessories add even more choice and flexibility.

Features and Benefits

  • Single, double, triple or continuos line
  • Trim and trimless version
  • W: 9 - 12 - 17
  • K: 2700, 3000, 4000
  • CRI: >80, >90 >95
  • Warm Dimming version available (2000K-3000K; CRI>95)
  • Phosphor LED Module available (2700K, 3000K, 4000K; CRI > 95; SDCM <2).
  • Sistemi di controllo: On/Off , Phase-cut, Dimm 1-10V, Dali, Bluetooth.
  • Finiture: Embossed matt white, embossed matt black
  • Special finishes on request
  • Precision and Performance optics
  • Adjustability horizontal axis 35°, vertical axis 356°
  • Spotlight positions: recessed, flush, drop
  • Wide range of accessories available
Multiple dimensional versions
Adjustable optic
Multiple beam angle options
Multiple wattage options
Multiple control system options
High CRI
Multiple lumen packages
850 degree glow wire test
Energy saving
Recyclable material
Assembly without tools
Photobiological risk 0
5 years warranty
Embossed matt white
Embossed matt black

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