Light grazing and wall washing are two similar techniques that are used to add visual interest to a wall using light instead of painting the wall or hanging objects on it.

Light grazing is typically used to add interest to and accentuate a textured surface such as a stone wall. The light grazing luminaires are usually mounted at the ceiling height or above and strike the wall at a narrow angle to create shadows that enhance the existing texture of the wall. Alternatively, luminaires could be located at floor level or below to provide an uplighting effect.

Wall washing is generally used with a smooth wall to provide a uniform wash of light that conceals any imperfections and turn the wall into a bright background to the objects in the space. As with light grazing, the luminaires are usually mounted above the wall – but for wall washing are sited slightly further from it (up to 1 m) to create a wider angle between the light source and the wall.