The right lighting for a given space can vary significantly, depending on the use of that space – an office for work, for example, or leisure time at home. Complete lighting control is a must to ensure every need is met.

In order to provide the best lighting solutions to meet those needs we have now added Bluetooth technology to the features we offer. This control system allows for extremely flexible light adjustment, based on the daylight conditions or other parameters, which can be selected to satisfy your lighting requirements.

The system is based on Bluetooth Low Energy, a wireless solution integrated into almost every smartphone, tablet and smartwatch, and the most commonly used low power radio technology worldwide, able to interact, via the appropriate device, with all types of light sources, both LED and traditional.

Specifically, non-LED light sources and the switches to which they are linked often bring limitations such as:

• Difficulty / impossibility of effective dimming

• Accidental light quality caused by difficulties in controlling

• Low innovation over time

• Control systems such as DMX / KNX, which are expensive and complex to install

Integrating Bluetooth enables new opportunities whilst also allowing several independent products to connect in a single wireless system. The illumination of the individual luminaire or group can be controlled via smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, buttons and switches (also pre-existing).

The main characteristics of the system are:

• Direct wireless control of the light source

• Control device integrated directly into the light source

• Efficient adjustment of brightness and colour temperature

• Creation of interconnected groups of luminaires

• Creation, configuration and archiving of custom lighting scenarios


Additional materials available for download at the following links:

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Installation Guide

Reggiani Bluetooth Brochure

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