We have integrated Bluetooth technology into our luminaire offering, to deliver a truly customisable control solution. Adjust single luminaires or groups, set timers and scenes, even have your lighting adjust to the temperature of the ambient light outside.

Light in your hands: control our products by Bluetooth.

Thanks to a simple installation procedure and an intuitive user interface, tailoring the lighting result has never been easier. How? You just have to download the Casambi APP directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, which can be then personalized Reggiani.

What can you do with the app?

The Casambi App offers a wide range of functionalities, easy to access and use:

  • set the color temperature
  • manage your time by setting schedules
  • create animations and scenes
  • choreograph your lighting, by grouping products

Casambi ready products included in our range can be controlled following two simple principles: individual or clustered control. While individual control really means freedom, as products can be controlled individually, clustered controls allow to control simultaneously multiple products, which will all follow the same rule.

Discover how to customize the lighting result of your project and control all your lighting fixtures by using Bluetooth: download the brochure and learn more about Casambi technology.