Nemo Lighting, Reggiani, and ILTI Luce: a comprehensive lighting world.

Reggiani is part of Nemo Group, a Group of companies that pursues relentless innovation and design excellence.

With operations extending across over 60 countries, three manufacturing units, and branches in France, the United States, and the Middle East, the Group employs over 220 individuals and boasts a consolidated turnover exceeding 60 million.

The group’s mission revolves around leveraging Nemo’s design excellence combined with ILTI Luce and Reggiani’s technical and lighting solutions. This synergy aims to elevate the most sophisticated projects across the hospitality, retail, and museum sectors.

Within the Nemo Group, each company operates autonomously within its specific market niche, from product development to financial management, while strategic, investment, and HR directives come from the Executive Committe.

Nemo Lighting merges tradition with dynamism, from classic aesthetics to contemporary design, to create decorative solutions that reflect the Group’s commitment to converging traditions with modern sensibilities.

Reggiani, on the other hand, emerges as a leader in professional technical and architectural lighting, showcasing the Group’s capacity for delivering efficient, state-ofthe-art lighting systems for ambitious projects.

Meanwhile, the strategic revitalization of ILTI Luce aims to refresh and modernize a brand historically known for its technical lighting and outdoor solutions. This move not only broadens the Nemo Group’s product portfolio but also enhances its ability to meet a wide array of market needs, from aesthetic to functional, and for both indoor and outdoor settings.

The Nemo Group, through this strategic amalgamation of partner companies, exemplifies a dynamic response to diverse lighting requirements, driven by a respect for tradition, a commitment to innovation, and a pursuit of excellence.

Check the group website: Nemo Group