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ELLI — Residential Building and Studio

The “ELLI” project is a prototype for individual inner-city redensification. In a commercially used courtyard area, a five-st...


Speirs + Major

Speirs + Major is an award-winning international design practice that uses light to enhance the experience of the visual environment. The...


Lighting outdoor

Lighting outdoor spaces needs to fulfil a number of important functions. For example, there needs to be sufficient light for the activiti...

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Inspired by the cellular eye structure of a dragonfly, we have created Cells as an urban lighting solution designed to be installed as single or connected multiple modules. Our advanced control optics give you a wide choice of functionality, from general illumination to bespoke configurations, making CELLS ideal for both architectural and technical applications, indoors and out. The modules may be surface and recessed mounted on ceilings and walls, and you can choose from a wide range of colors and finishes for different locations. We envisage our Cells bringing light to an array of urban contexts, including exterior pathways, private and public facilities, parking lots and buildings.

Features and Benefits

  • Surface and recessed version
  • Standard light distributions available: narrow, medium, wide, asymmetric, rectangular and double asymmetric, as well as bespoke distribution options.
  • Emergency version available as standard.
  • Opal and tranparent diffuser.
  • Base available in raw aluminium, or finished in white, grey or graphite.
  • Fixture base accommodates standard electrical conduit, and may act as a junction box.
  • Different coloured plastic plates
  • LED color temperature: 3000K, 4000K
  • 18W
  • 2150-2300lm
  • CRI>80
  • Control systems: On/Off, Dali, Dim1-10V, Phase-cut, Bluetooth
  • IP66 / IK10
  • Available on 13W version required for ambient temperatures up to 50 °
850 degree glow wire test
Recyclable material
Photobiological risk 0
5 years warranty
CB mark
Matt White
Gray base , white plate
Gray base , chrome plate
Gray base, gray plate
Gray base , plate yellow
Gray base , red plate
Gray base , plate blue
Gray base , green plate
Gray base , graphite plate
Aluminium base plate white
Aluminum base , chrome plate
Aluminium base plate gray
Aluminium base plate yellow
Aluminium base plate red
Aluminum base plate blue
Aluminum base , green plate
Aluminum, graphite plate
White base , white plate
White base , chrome plate
White base , gray plate
White base , yellow plate
White base , red plate
White base , blue plate
White base , green plate
White base , graphite plate
Graphite base , white plate
Graphite base , chrome plate
Graphite base , gray plate
Graphite base , yellow plate
Graphite base , red plate
Graphite base , blue plate
Graphite base , green plate
Graphite base , graphite plate
Metallised grey
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