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Miled Evo


Miled is one of our most efficient architectural recessed luminaire - now available also in the Evo range. Miled Evo is ideal for application in retail and office projects with high ceilings and high lumen output required. The new range features three diameters (Ø166mm, Ø200mm and Ø254mm) and two kinds of reflector, Satin and Semi-specular, and a wide portfolio of delivered lumen.

Technical specifications

  • 3 sizes: Ø166mm, Ø200mm and Ø254mm
  • Two aluminium reflectors for different distributions: Satin (narrow beams) and Semi-specular (medium-wide beams)
  • Luminous output up to 8500lm delivered with efficacy up to 130lm/W
  • CRI > 80 - 3000K, 4000K
  • Tunable White option
  • Mollablok system for installation in false ceilings of thickness up to 35mm.
  • Minimal bezel for quick installation and no-release, vibration damping clips.

Miled Evo

Evo means evolution: Miled Evo is the natural evolution of our Miled with new LEDs, new optics and more efficacy. 
This new range of downlights is dedicated to general diffused lighting for commercial spaces and offices and it's ideal for application in projects with high ceilings and high lumen output required.

A complete range

The range of Miled Evo features 3 diameters with different lumen packages to offer a wide portfolio of delivered lumen:
• 166mm: 24W and 33W (approx delivered lumen 3000lm / 4400lm)
• 200mm: 37W and 51W (approx delivered lumen 4400lm / 6000lm)
• 254mm: 59W and 73W (approx delivered lumen 6200lm / 7300lm)

Semi-specular reflector

Aluminium reflectors for medium-spot and flood beam angles allow to control light distribution with uncomparable performance up 130lm/w. 
The Semi-specular one ensures more precise illumination with narrow beam angles (25° and 30°).

Satin reflector

Both distributions available feature a UGR<19 for application in spaces where visual comfort and low glare are required. 
The Satin reflector ensures a general and diffused illumination with wide beam angles (50° and 65°).

High performance heat sink

Miled Evo features an high performance heat sink, that manages the heat coming from the COB and is connected and secured together with the dome that incorporates the LED and ensure the IP44 rating.

LED protection

The internal dome protects the LED light source and make it easy cleaning and  maintainance also reducing the photobiological hazard.
The new LED light sources allow cutting edge performance and are available with both 3000K or 4000K colour temperature.

Tunable White

The dome also works as mixing chamber for Tunable White option featuring a dimming range from 2700K to 6500K (with CRI>90). Thanks to the Tunable White feature, Miled Evo is even more the ideal solution for office spaces where human centric lighting concepts are applied.

Easy installation

Miled Evo is equipped with a Mollablok system for installation in false ceilings of thickness up to 35mm.