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Trybeca System

The outcome of an advanced study of forms, materials and lighting solutions, TRYBECA is a family of recessed mounting fixtures with an elegant and minimal design, which offers outstanding performance featuring unique technical detailing. The range includes 3 basic geometrical forms: square, rectangular and circular, in 4 modular sizes for combined installation. Each product is supplied with 3 special spacers for mounting recessed, flush or exposed, in both bezel and no-bezel versions. Thanks to its specifications, TRYBECA can be used in a wide range of architectonic contexts: residential, hotels, retail and business, and provides diffuse, efficient lighting while decorating the space in its own unique way without taking up any space.

Feature / 2

  1. Product body
  2. Plastic spacer for three diffuser positions: recessed, flush, drop
  3. Heat sink
  4. Diffuser made from high quality material with nanotechnology treatment for excellent performance and even light emission (up to 87% efficiency)


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Feature / 3

    1. Trybeca Recessed 75mm trim 
    2. Trybeca Surface Round 75x320mm 
    3. Trybeca Pendant 75x320mm 

Feature / 1

In 2012 we approached FMS as a collaborator in the of design of a new fitting for the new Reggiani - something special, something that would address the minimal taste of both the lighting designer and architect.

Our aim was to create a family of carefully detailed fittings with finely drawn lines, crisply turned plane changes, carefully tailored luminous surfaces,  scalable proportions, and a range of technical options for the demanding professional. The result was TRYBECA. A minimal light form which compliments a wide range of architectural styles while maintaining a discreet presence.


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