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Yori Evo system

The Yori Evo series extends the Yori family of projectors, and launches the Yori Evo Ghostrack. A new series of game changing track projectors. Mini or medium, visible or invisible. Single or cluster, lenses or reflectors . The optical technologies and the new invisible driver and adapters for 3-circuit standard tracks provide unique configuration ideas that were not possible until now.


    New ranges of interchangeable optics: “Precision” for high candela values and super narrow beams, “Performance” for high lumen output and efficacy.

    Beam: super narrow (7°), narrow, medium
    High intensity peak up to 52.000 cd
    No field angle

    Beam: narrow, medium, wide
    Lumen delivered up to 3610 lm
    Effi cacy up to 110 lm/W


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    Both Yori Evo and Yori Evo Ghostrack versions were developed in order to be used on 3-circuit standard track.


Yori Evo Ghostrack lets you create unique lighting schemes and confi gurations. Thanks to its brand new patented technology it features an invisible adapter and driver for single or cluster installations on a standard 3-circuit track. The series includes new optics that allow outstanding light output, beam angles and intensity peaks. The range now off ers a wider choice of accessories for fl exibility and 10 brand new fi nishes to make your scheme unique.


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