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Yori linear system

Yori linear comes with five different diffusers and a variety of lengths to provide you with endless lighting possibilities. The track mounting is ideal to integrate with the profile of the Yori projector. Together with the surface or pendant the Yori Linear can be used for single and continuous lines of light.


    Five different diffusers available:

    Opal U-shape - Direct / indirect light

    Opal - Trasmittance T up to 84%

    Ribbed - Efficacy up to 100 lm/w

    Prismatic - Trasmittance T up to 80%

    Anti-glare louver - UGR < 19


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USA Pavilion Biennale di Venezia



Elegant, practical continuous line installation for up to 34 m or 25 modules provided by the different length fixtures fitted with plug-and-socket connectors


Reggiani Design Team

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Reggiani Design Team

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