System of luminaires for interiors, born of the specific requirement to offer high performance optics with an optical compartment thickness of just 40mm, SPLYT is a further result of Reggiani’s collaboration with leading British lighting designers, LAPD Consultants. The system enables the fixture mounting to adapt to the specific requirements of the project, with semi-recessed, track, surface and wall mounting options.

Features and Benefits:

  • LED lamps.
  • Available in two sizes: 120x120mm and 150x150mm.
  • Luminous flux up to 3025 lm and CRI > 90.
  • Optics designed for narrow, medium and wide beams.
  • Recessed-mounting version available with bezel and trimless.
  • Special mounting adjustable in two dimensions: 290° horizontal, 90° vertical.
  • Available with on-board 10-100% dimmer.
  • Product can be equipped with: honeycomb grille, no-dazzle visor and wall-washer lens.