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Yori Edge

Yori System


Yori Edge is the solution developed for integration in coves,
architectural details and cornices. The lighting body is fitted with
a 4-point adjustable articulated arm, has a practical mechanical
connector for 3-circuit track and a remote driver with adapter for
3-circuit track (On/Off and Dimm/DALI) to be positioned in the false
ceiling. The luminaire assembly is completed by a linear aluminium
mounting rail to be integrated in the ceiling and smoothed, available in linear, corner and T modules plus a cover to give the cove an elegant, understated look. The wide range of accessories means Yori Edge can be adapted to environments with different architectural features, making this luminaire flexible, high performance and virtually invisible. The projector with remote driver must be ordered separately from the aluminium mounting rail. 

Features and Benefits

  • Sizes: Ø60mm e Ø75mm
  • From 9W to 28W
  • K:2700, 3000, 4000
  • CRI: > 80, > 90, >95, >98
  • Finishes:  embossed matt white, embossed matt black
  • Precision and Performance optics
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Adjustable arm articulated in 4 points
Adjustable optic
850 degree glow wire test
Recyclable material
Assembly without tools
5 years warranty
Photobiological risk 1
Embossed matte white (Standard)
Embossed matte black (Standard)
product filter/OFF/ON remove filter
Diffusing screen
type of bezel
LED CCT availability
Yori Spotlights
power (W)
temperature (K)
beam angle
ip degree