The Four Seasons Astir Palace, located in Vouliagmeni, Athens, has undertaken a complete overhaul: the Astir Palace Resort opened in 1958 and evolved into a major resort in the 60s, imposing itself as a cult holiday destination. The complex consists of two main buildings, Arion and Nafsika. While structural elements and some of the exterior walls were retained, both buildings of the Four Seasons, Arion and Nafsika, were fully renovated. The renovation results in a complex of buildings, swimming pools, bars and restaurants where lighting plays a fundamental role, highlighting the particularities of the architecture, the indoor and the outdoor space, which accompanies the guests towards the doors of a paradise of relaxation.

Arion’s interior is soft and fresh, and the lighting embraces a sophisticated atmosphere. The palette of finishes uses sandy hues while the lighting adopts a minimal approach with all elements integrated within both the joinery and architectural details of the building. Throughout the building, Mood Round recessed downlight has been used as it assures a uniform lighting effect. In the bathrooms, Mood Round features the IP54 accessory, which makes it suitable for the use.

Nafsika’s interior lighting is dramatic and modern. Nafsika’s signature feature is its marble slatted corridors. They are front and backlit with a careful balance, becoming an elegantly lit canvas. The reception gives immediately a welcoming feeling: the lighing result is given by Mood Square, not intrusive yet efficient recessed downlight.